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Correspondence with Councillors about the vote | December 23, 2010

   — On Thu, 23/12/10, Leach, Valerie (Councillor) <> wrote:

If you insist on publicing this, then please make sure that your record is a correct one. My apology for absence at the meeting was noted by the chair at the beginning of the meeting.

Valerie Leach

Councillor (Labour)

Highgate Ward

RH reply

Dear Councillor Leach,

How interesting that you imply that the publication of the votes of an elected representative should be anything other than the norm in a democracy.

The only reason why there was any inaccuracy in the list I presented was because no formal record of  the record was taken. I put you down as absent because Simone  Scott-Sawer sent me this information: ” All the members of the Development Control committee were present and voting except for Cllrs Leach and Neumark.”  As you were linked with Cllr Neumark who was at the meeting, it was reasonable to assume that you had been there also and no voted. I have amended the list of votes on my UKCMRI blog to show you as absent.

This was an extremely important matter. Why were you not at the meeting?

Yours sincerely,

Robert Henderson


— On Mon, 20/12/10, Rea, Flick (Councillor) <> wrote:

I abstained on planning principles and on not liking local govt to be dictated to by Central Govt

Flick Rea

RH reply 

The problem with that, councillor, is that central government always gets its way. If you really want to stop central government interference in this issue take up Gordon Brown’s interference with the bidding process for the land.  You already have the details. If you have deleted them you will find them in the first post on my new UKCMRI website. Regards Robert Henderson


— On Fri, 17/12/10, Braithwaite, Paul (Councillor) <> wrote:

Date: Friday, 17 December, 2010, 18:53

You will have noted that I pressed the definitions of Hazard levels and Cooper answered – but categorically that there’ll be no level 4.

Councillor Paul Braithwaite

Cantelowes Ward

 RH reply

Dear Cllr Braithwaite,

MRC  are undertaking level 4 work at Mill Hill and they are selling that site  so all they will have left is Brill Place. Do you honestly imagine they will drop level 4 work? Moreover, they have this very odd level 3+ which as far as I can determine is unkown to man or beast. I supect that is level 4 by another name. It is also a fact that all we have is Cooper’s word which in legal terms is worthless.

What do you think about the failure to include Brown’s interference with the bidding process in the officers’ submission?

Yours sincerely,

Robert Henderson


— On Mon, 20/12/10, Marshall, Andrew (Councillor) <> wrote:

I voted in favour.

 For the record, while I appreciate the desire to know how councillors voted (and in full council certainly under the standing orders, councillors can request a recorded vote), I would not be in favour of changing procedures to have recorded votes as a matter of course in committees, as I think the extra cost would not be a sufficiently good use of public money.

 You copied in Cllr Martin Davies, who passed away in the summer, perhaps you could ensure you take his email off your list.

 Best wishes for Christmas

 Andrew Marshall

RH reply  

Dear Cllr Marshall,

 Thank you for the information. I will remove Mr Davies from the list.

 On the question of recording who votes how, the additional cost would be trivial going on non-existent.  All that would be required is for the clerk to make a note.

 Unless electors know how councillors have  voted how can they hold councillors to account?

 best wishes Robert Henderson

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