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How councillors voted on the UKCMRI planning application | December 23, 2010

Only one councillor (Andrew Marshall) has confirmed to me that they voted in favour of the planning application. Credit to him,  but I really wish the other seven who voted in favour had been willing to identify themselves. If you vote for unpopular measures, you should at least have the courage of your convictions and stand up for them in public.

Notwithstanding the failure of all but one of those who voted in favour  to identify themselves, by a mixture of subtraction of those know to have voted and a little help from friends,  I think I now have the correct vote breakdown, viz:

Those voting against

Claire-Louise Leyland, Conservative (Belsize)

Paul Braithwaite, Liberal Democrat (Cantelowes)

Sean Birch, Labour (Gospel Oak)

Matt Sanders, Liberal Democrat (Haverstock).

 Those voting  for

Milena Nuti, Labour (Bloomsbury)

Sue Vincent, Labour (Holborn and Covent Garden)

Sarah Hayward, Labour (King’s Cross)

Roger Freeman, Conservative (Swiss Cottage)

Heather Johnson, Labour (Regent’s Park)

Andrew Marshall, Conservative (Swiss Cottage)

Gillian Risso-Gill, Liberal Democrat (West Hampstead)

Jenny Headlam-Wells, Labour (Kentish Town).

 Those abstaining

Flick Rea, Liberal Democrat (Fortune Green)

Those present but failing to register any vote (including failing to abstain)

Thomas Neuwark,  Labour (Camden Town with Primrose Hill)


Georgia Gould, Labour (Kentish Town)

Valerie Leach, Labour  (Highgate)

If any of these identifications are wrong please let me know.

NB I have moved Cllr Leach on her advice from being present but not voting to absent.

On the general subject of  councillors votes being recorded,  it  is essential that votes be recorded and made easily accessible to the public because otherwise judgements of councillors cannot be made.  It is rather shocking that it is not done.

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