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The failed bidders notified that the bidding process was a sham | February 24, 2011

Note: The email below has been sent to all the bidders for the land (a list is at the bottom of the email) apart from   Nottinghill Housing Association,   Minerva Property, London and Regional  Holdings Ltd ,  Princeton Investments Ltd, Tiger Developments Ltd, City Lofts Group  (went into administration), First Regeneration Homes, Splendid Hotel Group, Pantherlee Ltd, Leander. I obtained emails for all but the last four of those not contacted but these failed.
The email contact varies between strong (CEOs) and weak (email sent through the company website).  Robert Henderson
24 February 2010

Dear Sirs,

 Your organisation  took part in the bidding process for the DCMS land behind the British Library in Kings Cross.  In fact, you were not taking part in a bidding process at all but a charade  engineered by Gordon Brown in his position as Prime Minister.  How do I know this? I used the FOIA to ferret out the truth of the matter.

Brown fixed the result of the bid for UKCRMI by his personal influence.  He had done so even before the period for expressions of interest was over.  Your organisation devoted time and money to a bid which had no hope of success.  You have cast iron grounds to sue for damages and the recovery of your costs. 

To make the matter as simple as possible, I shall not at this stage send you all the documents relating to Brown’s interference, merely those which form a paper trail from the period before the closing date for expressions of interest  to the announcement of the sale of the land by Gordon Brown.   I have highlighted  (by bolding) the passages in the documents which refer directly or indirectly to Brown’s interest.  Where a figure such [40] appears, that means redaction has occurred under one of the the exemptions in the FOIA, the number referring to a paragraph or clause in the Act.  These documents will also give you a good sketch of the background to the bidding process.

Further relevant documents can be found at

You will also find a good deal of other material relating to other objections to the siting of UKCRMI on Brill Place in the UKCRMI wordpress blog. The security issues I raise are,  with Brown’s interference, the two most important objections to the siting of the laboratory on Brill Place.  In particular, the question of what biohazard 3+  represents  was not meaningfully addressed by the committee.

I shall be happy to allow you full sight of the documents I have obtained under  the FOIA and their use in any civil actions you may wish to pursue against any of the parties involved in the deception.  In addition, I am willing to give evidence on your behalf in any case which reaches the floor of the court. 

 Yours sincerely,


Robert Henderson


See for the documents supplied with the above email



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