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Why the loss of land for social housing matters

Aside from the dangers of  terrrism and biosecurity breaches and the disturbance to local residents during and after building, there is the loss of an opportunity to build sorely needed social housing in Camden. That need is symptomatic of the most  vicious poison in the British economy, namely,   the outlandish cost of housing

The price of housing, both to purchase and rent, is severely distorting British society. The absurd cost of property now – around £165,000 on average and considerably more in areas such as  Central London where a studio flat costs  upwards of £200,000 – makes it impossible for the large majority of people to get on the housing ladder which in turn inflates rents. The lack of housing scandal, for that it what it is, poisons the lives of ever increasing numbers of people in Britain.  The fault lies at the feet of reckless politicians who allowed the incontinent housing boom, failed  to build adequate  social housing for 30 years and  permitted  mass immigration.



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